Solar & Hot Water  


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3kW inverter plus 12 x 250w panels ONLY $2549*

5kW inverter plus 8 x 250w panels  ONLY $1790*

5kW inverter plus 20 x 250w panels ONLY $4460*


Suburban Residential Off-Grid Battery Storage

Off-Grid Storage 10.8kWh AGM Batteries 5kW inv (up to 80% DOD) $3750

Off-Grid Storage 14.4kWh GEL Batteries 5kW inv (up to 100% DOD) $4490


*Highset, tile, tilt or geographic levies may apply.



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Did you know the Qld Govt. has been approved to increase household power bills by 13.5% in 2014. 

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**Terms and Conditions apply for all pricing. KW ratings are for the inverter capicity, panel ratings are for panels and system ratings are for both the inverter and the panels.  Brisbane Solar Power and Solar Panels by FreeSolar. Servicing Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.