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Australia’s Best Solar Prices – Free Solar – Your local Australian owned, family solar business. With over 128,000 panels installed locally. Our experience shines.

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Help Save the Environment and Your Wallets – Solar Power Installation for Ipswich, Gold Coast, Redlands and Brisbane

Free Solar are your local Australian owned business and we offer the best solar prices

Clean Energy for a Clean Conscience

Solar power has many benefits for a household, including the reduction of the carbon emissions produced by your energy consumption and its harmful effects on the environment. Sustainable energy alternatives have been around for a long time now, but until the majority of the population embrace solar power as their main clean power solution, the environment will continue to suffer.

Power That Pays for Itself

Choosing solar installation for your home is essentially an investment, as it will pay for itself in two and a half years in the form of free energy bills. Moreover, it will eventually make you a profit as the money you would have ordinarily set aside for the power bill, can now be used for other things. Solar power requires little maintenance as the panels used to gather sunlight have no moving parts. Besides an annual hose down to rid the surfaces of any accumulated dust or other natural build up, your panels can sit undisturbed on your roof for decades whilst continually hard at work.

Free Power is the Only way to go for residents in Ipswich, Gold Coast and Brisbane

With over 128,000 panels installed locally, our experience shines. We offer our valued customers cost effective solar power solutions to decrease their energy costs and employ a dedicated team of professionals who will help advise you with any of your solar needs before or after your sale.

Avoid Rising Energy Costs

Did you know the Queensland Government approved to increase household power bills by 13.5% in 2014? No excuses, fight back now and install solar, before you get hit with another electricity price hike and are forced to pay inflated energy costs! Free Solar – works for you, for solar design, installation and after sales service and support. Also have a look at our solar power upgrade and services in the Redlands and Sunshine Coast.